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Bump Productions now has the first EVO7T Sound System in Australia available for Hire

Funktion-One launches tour-ready addition to its Evolution Series

British loudspeaker manufacturer, Funktion-One, has chosen Prolight + Sound Frankfurt 2016 for the launch of the first touring product from its Evolution Series. The Evo 7T sees the Evo 7E adapted for touring applications, following demand from distributors and rental partners.

Funktion-One’s Evo7T features integral flying gear and will be available with a weatherproof black polyurethane coating and grille designed for the requirements of live and theatre applications. A grille-less version and colour options will be available in the future.

The Evo 7T is fully horn-loaded with 15in mid-bass, 10in Funktion-One signature mid-range and a 1.4in compression driver. It has 40° nominal horizontal dispersion and physically arrays at 30° three wide, giving smooth coverage to 100°.

Funktion-One’s Evolution Series marks a significant step in development for the company. The range boasts two dispersion options – the Evo 6 with 50° and the Evo 7 with 40° horizontal dispersion. Both versions are fully horn-loaded with 15in mid-bass, 10in Funktion-One signature midrange and a 1.4in compression driver solely for high frequencies above 4kHz. The range boasts skeletal options, as well as grouped configurations, such as two-wide and three-wide.

Since the Evolution Series was launched, Funktion-One has experienced huge demand from around the world. The applications they’ve been specified for are wide ranging, covering live, touring, nightclubs, theatres and sports stadia. The addition of a tour-ready version of the Evo 7 is bound to see the use of the Evolution Series grow, particularly in live and touring.

From the sales to rental companies and distributors in countries including France, Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Greece, Austria, Croatia, Ibiza, Lebanon, Romania, China, Korea, Australia, the US and the UK and subsequent use on tours, for live events and temporary installations, to the high-profile venues that are known for the clarity, coverage and intensity of their sound thanks to their Evolution systems.

Output, Marquee and Studio 299 – all in New York, The Exchange in Minneapolis, Dog Patch and The Midway – both in San Francisco, Provocateur in Dubai, Lux in Lisbon and Bassiani in Georgia to name but a few. Even a substantial stadium installation in Russia has benefitted from a customised Evolution system. Then there are the festivals and events: Burning Man, Notting Hill Carnival, Space Ibiza Opening and Closing Fiestas, The Hydra, Secret Garden Party and Boom Festival have all seen successful outings for the Evolution Series.

Evolution Series loudspeakers are highly powerful and efficient with great control.  They deliver effortless clarity and openness of sound for immersive and memorable audience experiences.

Audio Feed’s Will Wright, speaking after supplying a number of stages at Secret Garden Party, commented: “This was our first outing for the Evolution Series and I was particularly excited about hearing some live vocals through those new 10-inch Axheads®. I was not disappointed. Frequency response was spot on, but the real excitement came from the overall energy that the system seemed to deliver. The transients in the mid-range were constructing one of the most stable stereo images I have ever heard in a live situation. Eyes closed and I really couldn’t tell you where the speakers were.”

Funktion-One Evolution 7T Touring loudspeakers are available through the company’s global distributor network.